Shiatsu – Basic Training

Our Shiatsu – basic training enables you to give qualified Shiatsu as wellness – application. This can be done in a professional setting as well as at home. In the basic training the Shiatsu is simply structured, but by no means trivial. Small learning steps enable you to focus on the most important aspect of Shiatsu, namely the contact between the two people, in addition to all the teaching content.

The training traditionally takes place as work on the floor. For this purpose, the floor in our classrooms is equipped with soft mats throughout.

During the eight training weekends you will learn a fixed Shiatsu basic form (Kata) and six Katas for the treatment of the meridians on arms and legs.

The treatments learned serve to stimulate the self-healing powers and lead to a state of pleasant relaxation. Interestingly, for both the giving and the receiving person. Also the most important Shiatsu – techniques for the treatment of body segments like back, neck or shoulders are taught.

Exchange and practice evenings

As a student of our school you have free access to the practice and exchange evenings for the duration of your training. These evenings offer you the opportunity to practice and deepen what you have learned in class. The evenings also have the purpose to get to know students from other years and to make social contacts.

A teacher is present and available to answer questions, but there is no actual teaching.

Special courses

Another part of the education is the participation in 4 special courses. The special courses are the optional part of the training and you decide yourself which courses from the current program you would like to attend. This way you give your personal direction to your education.

Attention! For the basic training, the previous participation in a Shiatsu introductory course is strongly recommended.

Structure and prices

8 weekends á 12 hours of teaching á 180€ 1440,00 €
4 special courses á 12 hours of teaching from the current program of the Shiatsu – School á 180€    720,00 €
Participation in the practice and exchange evenings for the duration of the training (the evenings take place every 14 days) at a flat rate of 120,00 € each.
Total regular 2280,00 €

Early bird price 2100,00 €